Mechanical Behavior Laboratory University of Nevada, Reno


[J103] Culbertson, D., Yu, Q., Jiang, Y., 2018, "In situ observation of cross-grain twin pair formation in pure magnesium," Philosophical Magazine Letters, Vol.98, No.4, pp.139-146, doi: 10.1080/09500839.2018.1498599

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Paper Abstract

Cross-grain {1·0·1·2} twin pairing was studied utilising in situ optical microscopy and ex situ electron backscatter diffraction in extruded pure magnesium subjected to tension in the direction perpendicular to the extrusion direction. A twin chain spanning over seven grains was rapidly developed through twin propagation and conjoining. Formation of cross-grain twin pair by twin thickening was in/ex situ observed for the first time. It was confirmed that variant selection of the cross-grain twins that carry high Schmid factors, formed either by twin propagation or by twin thickening, was dominated by the strain compatibility between the neighbouring grains.