Mechanical Behavior Laboratory University of Nevada, Reno


[J15] Kurath, P., Jiang, Y., and Fatemi, A., 1999, "Strain Path Influence on Multiaxial Deformation and Fatigue Damage," in Multiaxial Fatigue of an Induction Hardened Shaft, AE-28, Chapter 12, Tom Cordes and Kevin Lease, Eds., Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., pp.117-139

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Paper Abstract

The effects of strain-path on multiaxial cyclic deformation and fatigue damage at room temperature were investigated by employing four uonsymetric nonpropoitional paths in axial-torsional strain-space using smooth tubular specimens made from SAE1045 HR steel. Tests were conducted in both the low-cycle and high-cycle regimes. The life predictive capability of a shear based critical plane multiaxial fatigue damage model was examined using both conventional and cumulative damage procedures. Cracking of the specimens was predominantly on the maximum shear strain amplitude plane as was the case with simpler loading paths. Satisfactory life predictions demonstrated the sensitivity of the critical plane approach to more complex strainpath shapes. Details of the extension of this parameter to more general loading cases via cumulative damage methods is demonstrated. Finally, the implications of different ...