Mechanical Behavior Laboratory University of Nevada, Reno


[J90] Liao, X., Wang, J., Nie, J., Jiang, Y., Wu, P., 2016, "Deformation twinning in hexagonal materials," MRS Bulletin, Vol.41, 314-319, doi: 10.1557/mrs.2016.64

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Paper Abstract

Due to the scarcity of "easy slip" systems in hexagonal materials with a hexagonal close-packed structure (hcp), deformation twinning plays a crucial role in determining mechanical properties and texture evolution. In this article, we highlight the current understanding of mechanisms and mechanics of the twinning system {1012} ⟨1011⟩, which is commonly activated in all hexagonal materials for nucleation and propagation of deformation twins, twin-twin interactions, solute segregation at twin boundaries, and the development of constitutive models that account for the fundamental mechanisms of twinning/detwinning. Future directions such as characterizing the three-dimensional shapes of twins, the influence of solute atoms on twin propagation, and the influence of twin-twin junctions on mechanical properties of the hexagonal materials are discussed.